About Us

WeBunker is a free online community, discounted storefront, and newsletter with over 2,000 members discussing: prepping, off-grid living and disaster preparedness.

  • What is WeBunker's Mission?

    Our mission is to provide a one-stop online resource for everything related to disaster preparedness. A person should be able to get prepared with both purchases and knowledge from a single provider.

  • What Causes Does WeBunker Support?

    WeBunker strongly supports Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon is a disaster response-focused nonprofit, with a mission to both quickly respond and continue services after many others have left the scene. Something special about this charity organization is that it is US veteran-driven; their volunteer force is made up of veterans who have found new meaning in service after their military service is over.

  • What are WeBunker's Values?

    We believe that everyone should feel safe and secure about their future. Everyone should have access to information and resources that lead to security in case of a disaster. Building an online community around disaster preparedness brings people together in a time of growing division and uncertainty.